NLP and Work-Life Balance


Now that Spring is here I’m really getting excited about presenting at the upcoming NLP@Work conference.

I use NLP at work all the time; when I am selling, in the training I deliver, during coaching sessions and when I’m working with therapy clients.  However, for me, NLP extends way beyond those practical business applications and forms a part of how I live my life.

I have a particular research interest in Work-Life Balance and use NLP tools and techniques to find that balance in my own life.  NLP is helpful for everything from setting goals to achieve the big things to managing life’s smaller irritations.

Join me at the conference to discover how NLP helped me to:

  •  move both our family and our business 300 miles from Cheshire to Cornwall
  • walk 500 miles across Spain
  • run a successful business and still have time for family & friends, walks on the beach and the achievement of personal goals including achieving a first in my BSC (Hons) Psychology degree.

Watch a short clip of my presentation here



For more information about the NLP @ Work conference click here: conference

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