NLP And Procurement

By Andy McMinn.

Andy will be speaking at the NLP @ Work Conference at the National Marine Aquarium on the 30th March

Andy is currently Head of Procurement and Logistics at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and is a qualified procurement and engineering professional with learned experience of lean and six sigma.  Andy has worked in both the Public and Private sectors leading multi disciplined procurement teams and projects in fast moving, complex and challenged environments.  He is currently responsible for a team of forty eight and in excess of £150m non pay expenditure.


Andy says “Many professionals from new disciplines such as Procurement and Marketing struggle when communicating ideas and proposals of how their skills can help improve the businesses they work for.  Procurements message can be very technical and direct which when spoken can switch off the listener and break rapport.  Many times have I heard emotive client statements like “Why do I need you, I can buy it from Tesco’s cheaper” or “I just want to buy what I want”.  Others also told me they had experienced this same client resistance and struggled with communication difficulties for many years in their own organisations.


I often wondered “What strategies have other professionals like me developed to overcome these issues?”


About four years ago whilst studying Master Practitioner, I learnt about Metaphor and began to understand the power of indirect language.   It was at that precise time that I had a “light bulb moment” and realised that Metaphor was the missing tool in my strategic leadership toolkit.


At the NLP@Work conference I will be talking about how the use of NLP Linguistic patterns and metaphor has improved the way I communicate and helped me translate the procurement message into a language that is easy to understand.


For more information about the NLP @ Work Conference visit:  conference

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