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Soft Skills Are Hard

Soft skills are hard – but really, really important. I’ve heard the term ‘soft skills’ used in a derogatory fashion for many years in Management and they are often looked at as “something for other people (like HR) but not for me as an outcome-focused, results-driven Manager” The reality is that the higher you are … Continue reading Soft Skills Are Hard

How To Avoid Falling Off The Top Step

How can you avoid falling off the top step?  What is “the top step”? Did you ever learn to drive a car? If so, you would have gone through the four stages of development known as the Conscious Competence Model which was developed by Noel Burch in the 1970s. You have to start from a … Continue reading How To Avoid Falling Off The Top Step

Taking Over A New Team? We Bought A Van

    What does the fact that we bought a van have to do with your taking over a new team?  Surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities.  We bought a new camper van last year.  We wanted to move up to a bigger van which would give us more opportunities and I saw one … Continue reading Taking Over A New Team? We Bought A Van

How To Avoid Death By Powerpoint – (while still using it)

Like most people, I have been subjected to death by PowerPoint over the years, one memorable occasion was when a one hour Health and Safety presentation overran by 40 minutes and consisted of 75 slides with full of closely spaced text. Don’t get me wrong, I love PowerPoint and use it a lot.  I grew … Continue reading How To Avoid Death By Powerpoint – (while still using it)

Do You Make Lists?

Do you have too many tasks to keep them all in your head? Do you make lists? For lots of people, the problem with lists is that is difficult to prioritise them. We tend to start at the top and work our way down, and any new tasks either get added to the bottom or … Continue reading Do You Make Lists?

A wearable coach

I bought a Garmin Vivoactive watch recently and it has changed my life. I always thought I was pretty active: I played hockey, enjoyed walking, surfed, kayaked and did occasional endurance events like the 3 peaks challenge. Recording my daily steps was an eye opener. Yes, I completed lots of steps when I played hockey … Continue reading A wearable coach

What Is The Ultimate Question

Yes it is, it’s not who? or where? or how? or when? or why? What? is the ultimate question. The question that will give you the answer you need; to change, develop, grow or do whatever it is that you want to do. Of course, the important bit is what comes after the what? What? … Continue reading What Is The Ultimate Question

Using Cardboard to Start a Cultural Change Programme

I was recently involved in the introduction of a long cultural change project with a client in Cornwall. Polymermedics Ltd. is a UK injection moulding company delivering high quality plastic products to the medical, hygiene and pharmaceutical market. They are currently expanding and realise a need to work more effectively as a cross-shift/ Cross-departments team; recognising … Continue reading Using Cardboard to Start a Cultural Change Programme

What Colour is Your Black Belt?

By Carl Fitzsimons. Carl is HR Director: UK, Ireland & Netherlands at John West Foods.   Carl sent me this piece he wrote recently and I wanted to share it with you – he kindly gave me permission to do so. What colour is your black belt? A strange question? Perhaps. For some five years … Continue reading What Colour is Your Black Belt?

Autumnal blues

This week has been characterised by grey skies, chilly evenings and rain here in Cornwall and these autumnal blues mean my social media networks have been populated by misery laden updates mourning the end of summer and the rapid onset of winter. In reality we are barely at the beginning of autumn and there is … Continue reading Autumnal blues

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