How to Change Emails to Increase Profit By Over 900%

By Neil Trigger

Neil is one of the speakers at the NLP @ Work Conference at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth on the 30th March

Neil has lectured internationally on his PhD subject of persuasion engineering and psycho-linguistics for change. He is a member of the chartered management institute and the chartered institute of marketing and currently works for a large Plymouth-based charity as well as having significant international business interests. Neil is an NLP practitioner and certified coach and also holds a number of other qualifications including certificates in hypnosis and other related fields.



Why is it that words are so often misunderstood? Recent research shows that 50% of all email is not decoded by our brains to mean the same as the author intended. It’s only letters and white space, so why do people say “there it is in black and white” to explain something that cannot be misread when these marks are ambiguous at least half of the time!?

The answer is simple.

While text is black and white, the meaning within the text is not.

Think of the phrase “Happinessisnowhere”! It can be read as “Happiness is nowhere” or “Happiness is now here”. Both phrases are totally opposite, but the physical letters have not changed.

Text cannot possibly convey the meaning that we intend because it misses out so much extra information like tone of voice, timbre, volume, sarcasm, innuendo and a million other tiny inflections like a smile, a laugh or a cheeky nudge. Yet there are ways of adding these things back in. We have all seen emoticons :o)

Emoticons add back some of the missing emotion. But what happens in business when, firstly it is far too important to NOT have a message read correctly, but secondly there is no way we could add a smiley face without looking unprofessional or silly?

Join me at the Eden Project for the NLP @ Work conference and I will explain how to change email and other work documents to increase profit by over 900%, how one company in Canada changed two words on their advertising and saw sales rocket, why you and everyone you know use words which stop you from selling and how to improve your email instantly to sell significantly more than you do at the moment.

Watch a clip of my presentation here


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