No matter what area of business you operate in, a large part of your growth and success will come down to how well you manage interactions between people.

As the process of doing business gets more and more challenging, the number of those interactions will go up, their importance will increase but it always feels as if the time available for them goes down. A quick meeting, a brief phone call or a couple of emails.

Yet each one of those interactions could be vitally important to your business.

Evolution has been coaching business people, training them and giving them the tools to successfully manage those interactions since 1996.

Our focus is now on three areas where we know we can provide a significant advantage to businesses and professional people; an advantage that will have a measurable impact and show a return.

Interaction Engineering

People are often the nuts and bolts of a business; but that human resource is above all else, human.

We coach and train business people in the skills, processes, tools and techniques gained and developed over 20 years to help improve all their interactions and communications.


Procurement Dynamics

Procurement has become an increasingly important function in a wide range of industries and business sectors.

It is now seen as a strategic function, a function that touches and influences all aspects of a business’s operation. Procurement should facilitate, enable and empower and Evolution’s facilitated workshops give procurement professionals the skills and tools to achieve that goal.

For younger businesses without specific procurement personnel, Buying Stuff for Business gives people with any involvement in purchasing an equivalent level of appropriate skills and techniques as sales teams presently enjoy.



Forward looking business planning based on financial and market analysis can certainly indicate a path to growth but to succeed in that journey, the core team will need to share each other’s vision of the future and pull in a common direction.

Navigator is the process we have developed which takes account of the way we think, the way we communicate with others and ourselves and allows everybody’s views to be accommodated.

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