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Interaction Engineering

Any organisation is basically a bunch of people doing stuff together.

To do that stuff effectively requires effective communication.

Getting it wrong can cause major problems.

Research shows that if someone perceives your communication as being rude, it reduces their cognitive ability by 61% on average, bystanders reduce their cognitive ability by 20% and they are 50% less likely to help other people as a result.

75% of customers reduce their enthusiasm for your organisation if you are perceived as being rude to them.

Perception is the key. One person’s banter is another person’s bullying.

We don’t suggest that you should reduce any communication to a carefully bland process to avoid any chance of upset.

We understand that how the people who make up a business work together, understand each other and communicate is as important as how software packages interact or a production line functions.

People are often the nuts and bolts of a business; but that human resource is above all else, human.

Interaction Engineering: The action of working artfully to create something of value when two or more people communicate with each other.

Evolution Development provides business training, coaching and consultancy to give individuals and teams the vision and tools to define and deliver their strategic goals.

We help senior teams and business owners develop strategy for their organisations.  We also help them to create, adapt and change their organisational cultures.

We train individuals and teams to ensure their communication is effective, helpful, civil and appropriate.

We coach people to enhance and develop all of their interactions so that they can more effectively implement strategies and show a measurable return on that investment.


Darren Cribb
Head of Supply Chain (Submarines). Babcock Marine

“If this were available, and used, across the company the culture would be radically improved.”

Claire Easson Bassett
Managing Director. Mackerel Sky Events

“We undertook the Navigator process at a stage in our development where we needed to step back to see the way forward. We have already achieved the first 3 items on our plan, all ahead of schedule, thanks to having a clear and positive outlook on our strategic development.”

Andy McMinn
Chief Procurement Officer. Plymouth Royal Hospitals Trust

“Presuppose that this course will change your life, because it will!”

Carl Fitzsimons
Group HR and Transformation Director Thai Union Group PCL, John West Foods

“I have been fortunate in my career to date in that I have worked with and for some highly skilled good people and I know I have learnt a lot, I have also had the opportunity to undertake a range of business/work related qualifications from IPD and CIM Diplomas to Management Charter Initiative, obligatory NVQ quals and a plethora of management skill seminars…all useful in their own way. This said – none of these experiences have changed the way I behave so much as this course has. The pace of the delivery and the nature of the content, coupled with the experiences of other delegates has made it for me, a powerful learning event.”


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