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The NLP@Work Conference – A Huge Success

The first NLP@Work Conference was held at the Eden Project in Cornwall on 30th September and was heralded a great success by organisers, speakers and delegates.

Delegates particularly liked the relaxed feel to the conference and found the content interesting and useful. They also all expressed an interest in attending the next one.

Opened by Martin Crump, the conference had the theme of change running throughout.

He said “The only constant in a work environment nowadays is change.  We can only guarantee that the way we do something today, or even what we do today will be different in the future and the old adage of ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ no longer applies as the context we work in is constantly changing”

Against this backdrop, six speakers from a wide range of work environments spoke about how they apply NLP tools and techniques in their jobs.

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NLP and Work-Life Balance


Now that Spring is here I’m really getting excited about presenting at the upcoming NLP@Work conference.

I use NLP at work all the time; when I am selling, in the training I deliver, during coaching sessions and when I’m working with therapy clients.  However, for me, NLP extends way beyond those practical business applications and forms a part of how I live my life.

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