Developing Procurement Talent

The Developing Procurement Talent Programme

I designed the Developing Procurement Talent programme to help organisations build procurement excellence within their procurement team – to create future procurement leaders, and make the most of the resources they have available.

I’ve worked with organisations of all sizes and I’ve seen this programme deliver real results.

If you’re a procurement leader – Head of Procurement, Procurement Director or CPO – and you’re…

  • Short on time
  • Finding it hard to retain staff
  • Finding skills gaps in your procurement team
  • Finding stakeholder management difficult

… this programme is exactly what you need to get the best out of your procurement talent, improve your organisation’s bottom line, keep stakeholders onside and create happy, motivated, procurement professionals who want to deliver real results for your organisation.

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Make the Most of your Procurement Team

I’ve been working with procurement teams for almost 30 years, and I developed the programme based on the challenges I’ve seen businesses face when it comes to procurement: building great relationships with suppliers, good communication with internal and external stakeholders, keeping staff happy, motivated and loyal, closing skills gaps and fostering procurement excellence within teams.

Procurement teams are more important than ever

The role of procurement within organisations is changing. It’s going through the same transition that HR did a few years ago: initially seen as purely transactional, procurement teams now assume a far more strategic and crucial role within the organisation as a whole.

Procurement teams play an essential role in an organisation’s success – so how do you get the most out of your procurement talent?

The key is in the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. The further up an organisation an individual goes, the less they depend on their technical skills, and the more they need…

✔️ Communication skills

✔️ Leadership skills

✔️ Time management 

✔️ Resilience and the ability to manage stress 

What is the Developing Procurement Talent Programme?

The programme is designed to help procurement specialists develop the increased interpersonal skills needed as they progress into leadership and more senior leadership roles.

The basic programme consists of five face to face group modules, two one to one coaching sessions and a small amount of ‘homework’.

The programme is modular and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. You have the option to choose your own name for the programme and it can be branded internally to demonstrate extra organisational commitment.

The Developing Procurement Talent programme is usually completed over 5 months and attracts 40 hours of accredited CPD.

Feedback & Testimonials

“I would thoroughly recommend Martin and Evolution’s Developing Procurement Talent programme. The course provides unique and differentiating skills for a Procurement team, enabling growth as a person and a professional. Martin is a great coach, very personable and very well informed on the subject matter.”

Darren Cribb, Head of Category Management, Babcock International Group

“Martin’s Developing Procurement Talent course is highly recommended for procurement professionals. The skills and learning gained are invaluable for today’s procurement teams with a focus on the interpersonal skills and relationship building, including top tips and tactics that are essential to succeed in this profession. Martin provides a wealth of knowledge and experience and his delivery of the course is fantastic. Highly recommend.”

Davina Mortimer, Director of Procurement, Peninsula Purchasing & Supply Alliance, NHS

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