Coaching EAP

Change is difficult for many people to deal with and the bigger the change, the bigger the difficulty. The Evolution Coaching EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is designed for businesses who would like to support their staff through periods of change or challenge.

Coaching can really help people who are struggling with change, whether that’s a fundamental change to their role or the way they carry it out, or an incremental change – especially if that is the latest in a long chain of incremental changes.

The Coaching EAP makes it easier for people to get the coaching help they need.

The Coaching EAP:

  • Ensures a consistency of availability of coaching support
  • Utilises a proven, semi-directive approach to ensure the coaching meets the clients’ needs
  • Is outcome focused
  • Is cost effective
  • Is totally confidential
  • Is effective

If you’d like to discuss a coaching programme for your business, get in touch. We’ll tailor the EAP to meet your specific needs and ensure you and your team see real benefit from the programme.

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