Planning a way forward for your business based on financial or market analysis is one thing, but does that take into account personalities, wants and needs of the individuals that make up your core team?

This is really important to do, because it’s horrible when it doesn’t work.

Strategic Planning for your business is simple.

Decide where you want to be, define where you are in relation to that goal and plan a route to it.

Simple… But not easy.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the detail, to plan for a little more of what you have, rather than what you really want, or more importantly, what you are really capable of.

This is where Navigator comes in.

Navigator is a process we have developed which takes account of the way we think, the way we communicate with others and ourselves and allows everybody’s views to be accommodated.

We work with you using this tried and tested, unique method to help you to define your goals and the route to them – in one day.

Whether you are an owner-manager, a board of directors, a strategic team or part of a large organisation – Navigator will work for you.

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