The NLP@Work Conference – A Huge Success

The first NLP@Work Conference was held at the Eden Project in Cornwall on 30th September and was heralded a great success by organisers, speakers and delegates.

Delegates particularly liked the relaxed feel to the conference and found the content interesting and useful. They also all expressed an interest in attending the next one.

Opened by Martin Crump, the conference had the theme of change running throughout.

He said “The only constant in a work environment nowadays is change.  We can only guarantee that the way we do something today, or even what we do today will be different in the future and the old adage of ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ no longer applies as the context we work in is constantly changing”

Against this backdrop, six speakers from a wide range of work environments spoke about how they apply NLP tools and techniques in their jobs.

Andy Mcminn spoke about how he uses NLP in his role as Head of Procurement and Logistics at the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

An interview with Andy in which he discusses his presentation can be heard at   Andy Mcminn interview

Nik Green spoke about his work with – often difficult – primary school children and how he usues his NLP skills in an outdoor adventure environment.

An interview with Nik can be heard at Nik Green interview

Neil Trigger has developed NLP based software which allows the user to analyse incoming and outgoing emails to improve their influencing abilities.

Neil can be heard explaining how this works at Neil Trigger interview

Tony Finnigan is a GP and trainer at the Peninsula Medical school.  He uses NLP to help failing students to turn their situation around and improve their scores dramatically.

Listen to Tony explaining how he does this at Tony Finnigan interview

Matthew Theobald introduced a whole new, NLP based way of running projects.  His presentation was entitled “No More Gantt Charts” and explained why 83% of projects fail, and how to ensure they succeed.

Matthew also launched the book he co-wrote with Martin Crump which describes how to lead projects using this process.  The book is called ‘How To Build An Ark’ and is available from Ark Project Leadership (email or Amazon.

Listen to an interview with Matthew at  Matthew Theobald interview

Fiona Crump described how she uses NLP to create and maintain an effective Work Life Balance, demonstrating that it is possible to use work related skills to great effect outside of the work environment.

Listen to Fiona’s interview at Fiona Crump interview




DVDs of each of  the presentations are available from evolution.  So if you are interested in seeing what Andy, Nik, Tony, Fiona, Matthew or Neil had to say, contact or phone Jeni on 01872 555939





We are already planning the conference for 2012 – so we’ll keep you posted about that one.


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