ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge Update – June

We were hoping to enter 5 teams from evolution in this year’s ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge and organised a launch event to recruit enough people to take part.

We were inundated with interested people and have now entered 9 teams into the Challenge.  As each team is required to raise £1,000 in sponsorship to take part, we will be giving at least £9,000 to ShelterBox and we are hoping to raise a lot more for this fantastic disaster relief charity.

We are providing support and training for the teams throughout the summer and the second event was held on Sunday 23rd May on Dartmoor.

The day was facilitated by Nik and Rob Green, who are 2 of the Evolution Facilitators.

We started near Kingsbridge and walked a circular route of 8 miles across beautiful moorland in fantastic weather.  We asked the individual teams to navigate us from point to point which they all did successfully.

On Thursday 17th June, James Hampton ran a Navigation Masterclass in the Engine House.  Teams in the ShelterBox Challenge will have to navigate themselves across the moors in September so this is a crucial skill (especially if the weather is bad!)

On Saturday 19th June, team members were able to put their training into practice with a 10 mile walk over Dartmoor.  This route was designed by Nik and Rob Green to be more challenging, with lots of Tors being scaled, and lots of bogs being traversed.

Individual teams navigated from grid reference to grid reference and everyone was carrying heavier pack to help them get used to the weight they will have to be carrying on the Challenge.

If you’d like to sponsor us and donate some money to Shelterbox  please visit our Justgiving page at and we’ll be keeping you up to date on our blog.

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