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Taking Over A New Team? We Bought A Van


The New Van


What does the fact that we bought a van have to do with your taking over a new team?

 Surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities.

 We bought a new camper van last year.  We wanted to move up to a bigger van which would give us more opportunities and I saw one advertised which was a bargain.

 I wasn’t sure it was exactly what we wanted, or that it would do exactly what we needed but we could see the potential so we bought it.

 We carried out some immediate alterations to make it work a bit more effectively for us and we took it on a 2,500 mile trip around England and Scotland.

 While we were travelling and learning how everything worked we planned how to make it do exactly what we wanted it to do and how we could make it the best van it could be.

 We spent a lot of time planning the alterations and the best time to do them (over the winter), set some goals and prepared a project plan.

 I didn’t know how to make some of those planned changes so I researched the best tools and techniques for the job, (thank god for YouTube), bought the tools and I’m practising the techniques off line, ready to apply them to the job in hand.

 There are some things I need expert help with.  The van electrics for example.  I need to be confident of finishing on time and safely, so I am employing an expert to design and install the electrical system.  He is going to explain and show me each step so I can learn how to do it for myself next time.

 At the moment, the van is gutted, the walls and floors are marked out for all of the fixtures and fittings and it’s waiting for us to install the insulation and begin the construction.  It looks a lot worse than it did a few months ago but we’ve got a clear plan and have been communicating throughout so we’re confident in our project and excited about the end result.

 Reflecting on the van project I thought it was a really good metaphor for taking on a new team.  Spending time getting to know them, making early, crucial changes but not making major changes until you’ve worked with them for a while and established your goals for the team. Once you’ve done this, making a plan, deciding what resources you need and getting those resources and, if necessary, working with an expert who can help you in the areas where you need external help, and helping you gain new skills, realising that it will probably get worse until it gets better, communicating progress along the way then, finally enjoying leading a really effective team.

 We’ll be enjoying our newly reconstructed van this summer.  How will you be enjoying your new team?



Evolution On The Move

We have moved into a new office at the Health and Wellbeing Centre in Truro.

Ten years ago we were incredibly proud to move into the truly iconic Engine House in St. Agnes.  The newly renovated building was a flagship project for Carrick District Council and the development was considered by them to be a “positive contribution to the World Heritage Status site.”

We successfully bid for shared tenancy with UKnetweb and we all moved in: Two businesses, one big happy family.  We loved (and still love) this wonderful building as did everybody who visited.

However, it is fair to say that the building did not come without its problems.  Before the renovation it had been roofless for over 60 years and it was never designed to be sealed and enclosed.  It has been estimated that the walls hold approximately 40 tons of water so it is no surprise that damp was an issue from the start and visitors may remember that the building appeared to have a bad case of dandruff as we struggled to keep the paint on the walls.

Despite replacement pointing and the addition of an expensive air circulation system, the damp problem has become worse over time leading to extensive mould growth and, during certain weather conditions, water actually running down the inside walls.

So it is with great sadness that we have had to concede that the building is no longer a safe or healthy place to work and we have all moved out whilst we negotiate the best course of action with our Landlords at Cornwall Council.

Evolution is now based in The Health and Wellbeing Centre at Treliske.  It is lovely to be surrounded by other, wonderful businesses and particularly nice to be warm and dry.  We are considering this to be a very enjoyable sabbatical and hope to bring you news about the future of The Engine House soon.

img_2711 img_2710


If you are in the building feel free to pop in and say hello (unless we are out working with clients) otherwise you can continue to contact us on the same telephone number and email address.

+44 (0)1872 555939

How To Build A Cathedral

Martin Crump

By Martin Crump.

Martin is a Director and co-founder of Evolution.  He is a certified NLP Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of working with organisations of all sizes and types across the UK.


We have recently finished a really interesting piece of work with the Diocese of Truro.

The Church of England, like many old established organisations is currently going through a time of massive change.

We have been working with Truro’s Diocesan House to help them plan how they are going to help the Diocese manage this change and continue to thrive in the current climate.


We have so far used a mix of ‘Navigator’ (To develop the Strategy for change), coaching for the Diocesan Secretary, an Employee Survey (to set a benchmark and understand the initial level of employee engagement and a structured Away Day with the whole team to introduce the reason for change and the future approach to meeting the needs of the changing environment.

In the initial strategic sessions we used ‘Navigator’ to look at the current environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs and values and identity of the Diocesan House.

We then moved on to define the purpose of the team.

Read More

ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge Update – June

We were hoping to enter 5 teams from evolution in this year’s ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge and organised a launch event to recruit enough people to take part.

We were inundated with interested people and have now entered 9 teams into the Challenge.  As each team is required to raise £1,000 in sponsorship to take part, we will be giving at least £9,000 to ShelterBox and we are hoping to raise a lot more for this fantastic disaster relief charity. Read More

Lost in France – How A Team Developed And Worked Under A Volcanic Ash Cloud

On our way back from a fantastic Holiday in Peru, Fiona and I were stranded in Madrid when British airspace was closed due to the volcanic ash cloud covering Northern Europe.

We met three fellow Brits in Madrid Airport and decided to travel back to England together.  The following five days was a classic illustration of team development and team roles and we thought it would be interesting to write it up. Read More

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