Boosting Your Confidence And Self Esteem

Towards the end of last year I ran a Confidence and Self Esteem Course for women. Having trained, coached and counselled a range of women over the years I have been surprised to find how many highly successful women actually feel that they lack confidence and self esteem. For some this has always been a problem, for others, the confidence that they used to feel has somehow slipped away.

In response to this I decided to test the water and run a pilot course. A group of wonderful women signed up and attended 6 evening workshops where we explored what confidence means to them. In response I introduced them to a range of tools and techniques that they can use to increase their confidence in difficult situations. They learned how to be assertive and to communicate confidently, how to anchor a confident state so that they could draw on it whenever they needed to and they learned how to set and achieve meaningful goals.

For me, one of the best aspects of the course was the way in which group members supported each other giving kind, sensitive and helpful feedback and I know that for some that support has continued beyond the end of the course.

All in all the entire course was a great success, but don’t just take my word for it: Andrea Edlin; a founding partner at Niddocks Internet Marketing ) said:

“Since attending Fiona’s “Boosting your confidence and self esteem course” I have used the skills and techniques she taught me (us) to help give me back the self esteem I used to have. If I have a difficult situation to deal with now, instead of being either passive or defensive I try to think before I react or speak…it’s amazing the results I have had both professionally and personally. These skills will be with me always and I call it my emergency “tool kit” so if I feel a bit out of depth in a situation or feel unhappy about myself I just stop, think and deal with the situation and problem. I am a much stronger person and one thing I don’t feel bad about is saying “no” if I can’t do something. My confidence is growing all the time, I still have room for improvement to reach my goals but I believe in taking things at a pace that is good for me.”

Having run this pilot, and learned from the feedback we are now ready to launch 2 exciting new ways to Boost your Confidence and Self Esteem.

Choice One – An 8 week evening course

From the pilot it was evident that 6 weeks was great but 8 would be even better giving you more chance to practice the skills learned. This course will take place on Monday evenings from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Choice Two – A two day course

From the initial marketing it became clear that not everyone can attend an evening course so I will also offer the same course content over two days. These days are set a week apart to give delegates an opportunity to practice the skills learned on day one and discuss their experience on day 2.

For course costs, times, dates, location and content please see the flyers for the 2 Day course and the 8 Week course.

For a booking form or further information please contact Fiona Crump on 01872 555939 or email me

By the way – if you are a man and you feel that you lack confidence please don’t feel left out – get in touch and we’ll design something especially for you.

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