Training At The Treasury

The Treasury Group of bars and restaurants has recognised the vital role that employees play in delivering outstanding customer service.

Treasury Trainees
Treasury Trainees

The owner of the Treasury Group, Benjamin Shearn has been working with Evolution Personal & Corporate Development to create a clear vision for the future of the business by undertaking a strategic planning process called Navigator.

One of outputs from the strategic planning process was a renewed focus on investing in training for the staff. Evolution delivered a Train the Trainer workshop for Treasury Group employee’s who are responsible for delivering internal training, the workshop accredited by the NCFE involved analysis of the qualities required of a trainer, identifying learning styles, setting training objectives and how to clearly break a task down into manageable chunks.

Trainer, Nik Green who delivered the workshop said “The quality of customer service delivered by staff is dictated by the quality of staff training that occurs within an organisation, therefore by raising the skill levels of the internal trainers the customer experience is also enhanced.”

Benjamin Shearn added… ‘I have a high staff retention due in part by acknowledging the needs of the staff as well as the customer. Training to enable supervisors to manage more effectively enriches their work experience and this is passed on to the customer through happy and professional service in all areas.’

For further information on the Treasury Group contact:

Benjamin Shearn – Managing Director The Treasury Group

For further information on Evolution Personal & Corporate Development contact;

Martin Crump – 01872 555939

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