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Confidence and Self Esteem For Women

By Fiona Crump

Fiona Crump is a founding partner of evolution personal and Corporate Development Ltd. and is Director of Personal Development.  She is an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach and has a huge amount of experience from working with a wide range of organisations across the UK.



I was working with a client this week whose confidence and self esteem have taken a serious knock recently and I realised that this has been a regular theme for many of the women I work with.

The situation seems to have been exacerbated by the current economic climate and people are finding that their tried and tested techniques just aren’t working.  In many cases this is leading to a loss of confidence in their ability

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Boosting Your Confidence And Self Esteem

Towards the end of last year I ran a Confidence and Self Esteem Course for women. Having trained, coached and counselled a range of women over the years I have been surprised to find how many highly successful women actually feel that they lack confidence and self esteem. For some this has always been a problem, for others, the confidence that they used to feel has somehow slipped away. Read More

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