What’s Different About the Business Practitioner Course in 2022?

Up until 2020, we always delivered our Business Practitioner course in-person, in groups of five to fifteen people. When the pandemic hit, we had to adapt quickly to a new way of working. For our in-person training and coaching, that meant taking everything online. While we were initially unsure of how well a programme based around communication, body language and building rapport would work online, we quickly found that there were lots of benefits to delivering the course online, and that we were receiving really positive feedback from our delegates.

We’ve moved the entire content of the course online, with the learning content for the course broken down into short modules. Each module focuses on a specific tool or technique. On the course, we’ll work through the modules one by one, with time between sessions for you to watch the videos and make notes. You’ll have access to the online content forever, so you can go back and review any of the modules at any time.

If you’re thinking about joining our upcoming Business Practitioner course in April, here are some of the changes we’ve made to the course this year that make this year’s Business Practitioner better than ever. 

Shorter, more frequent sessions mean you get more regular check-ins with the group.

The Business Practitioner course is built around business skills – communication, building rapport, selling and public speaking – but it’s also a personal development course that instigates real changes in many of our delegates’ lives. Your course cohort will become a support network, where you can share your goals, your achievements and your thoughts as you put the skills you learn on the course into practice. Now that we’re delivering the course online, we’ve broken our usual format (one day a month) into smaller chunks, so sessions are only two hours long, twice a month. This means that you check in more regularly with the group, and it’s easier to stay accountable. Less time in between sessions means you’re more likely to stay on track with your learning.

You get access to learning content for the whole course online, forever.

We’ve had lots of feedback from delegates who’ve told us that the option to go back and re-watch the learning content from the course has been really useful in helping them retain information. When you’re having a discussion or doing group work in a full-day in-person session, you often don’t have time to make notes on everything you’re learning, but the online content can be watched, rewound and paused whenever you like. You’ll also get audio recordings of each session, so you can review course material while you’re out for a walk.

“I found that watching the videos was a great help as I could pause and rewind any point that I hadn’t properly understood. All courses should have this facility.”

The new online format means you can learn at your own pace.

The new format of the course – where you watch and take notes on the ‘learning’ part of the session in your own time, then discuss during group sessions – means that you have time to absorb the information for each module at your own pace before it’s introduced in a group setting. You can make notes, read around the topic, and write down any questions you have before you explore the topic as a group.

Our first online Business Practitioner cohort was our best-performing group of delegates so far.

The last group to complete the Business Practitioner course in 2020 had the unique experience of beginning the course in-person, and completing it online. This allowed us to get some great feedback on the differences between the two formats – and we were surprised at how positive the feedback on the online course was. In addition to finding the online learning experience to be effective, this group was also the highest-performing cohort we’ve had so far, based on their course-end assessment.

If you’d like to join us on the course in March, you can book your place via Eventbrite. The course takes place over ten two-hour sessions, from March to June 2021. Payment plans are available on request; please get in touch to set one up.

Note to previous delegates: we’re offering all of the online Business Practitioner content (including video modules, audio files and PDF downloads) to previous delegates of the course for just £40. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, drop us an email at info@evolution-development.com.


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