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Why is resilience at work important?

A 1990 study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in America showed that one-quarter of employees considered their job to be the most significant source of stress in their lives. In an increasingly connected world, the stress of working life is a bigger issue than ever: when things go wrong – as they … Continue reading Why is resilience at work important?

NLP and Civility at Work

How to boost staff performance, client enthusiasm and improve your bottom line. If I told you there was a behaviour that happens in pretty much every workplace around the world, that causes a 20% drop in performance in those who witness it, reduces staff time at work by up to 48% and causes client enthusiasm … Continue reading NLP and Civility at Work

‘This is war!’ How NLP saved an NHS trust £1.6million

Got 10 minutes? If you’ve been considering training for your staff that’ll improve your bottom line, improve communications and result in a happier team, let us tell you a story about Andy, a Chief Procurement Officer for a large NHS trust who saved £600k on a single project using NLP. First, a bit of background. … Continue reading ‘This is war!’ How NLP saved an NHS trust £1.6million

Quit Smoking for Good

Quitting smoking is hard. Most smokers have tried quitting once, twice, or a hundred times, but ended up falling back into old patterns. You might be waiting for the right time to quit, or just telling yourself you’ll get to it ‘someday’. If you’re waiting for the right time, here’s your sign – do it … Continue reading Quit Smoking for Good

How to Choose an NLP Business Trainer

If you’re considering undertaking an NLP training, the first step is choosing the right trainer. Each trainer is different, and experience levels, training styles and background can really vary.  If you’re not sure how to go about selecting the NLP business trainer that’s right for you, here’s a quick guide to get you started. Choosing … Continue reading How to Choose an NLP Business Trainer

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