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Barriers to Transformational Change and running a marathon in under three hours


By Nik Green

Nik is a member of the  Evolution Team, has worked extensively with adventure training in a schools environment and is an NLP Master Practitioner and certified NLP coach.

Ben Nevis (20)


I bought a new pair of running shoes the other day and according to the sales bumpf these should have me running a sub three hour marathon on my first attempt, I’ve  worn them once and they are currently in the box with that strange packet of silica stuff that no one know what it’s for.  However despite the brochure sales patter I’m still running in my old shoes which despite the holes and lack of grip just feel more comfortable.

This brings me onto organisational change which is a favourite topic of mine and as Martin said in a recent article:

The only constant is change

Many of us would like the world to stay as it is today, well as it was about twenty years ago and to not have too many surprises in store for us tomorrow; in other words we filter for sameness.

Unfortunately if your organisation stays doing the same things tomorrow as it is doing today it will lose market share, lose customers and end up going the same way as Blockbusters who didn’t realise that walking to the video shop was not the highlight of anyone’s day.

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