NLP, The Outdoors and Personal Development


By Nik Green

Nik is a member of the  Evolution Team, has worked extensively with adventure training in a schools environment and is an NLP Master Practitioner and certified NLP coach.




Having returned to working in the outdoor education environment after a prolonged sabbatical in the corporate world  I was keen to see how NLP tools and techniques could be applied whilst working with individuals and groups in the great outdoors.

The following questions immediately sprung to mind; “Do the techniques work as well with children?” ; “Can anchoring be used to subdue fear and enable participation in activities?” ; “Can the outdoor environment be used as a medium for personal change?”

I soon discovered as I grew in confidence and experience that the answer was obviously yes.  I discovered that I was assisting children in building their confidence levels, controlling their anger and aggression and giving them a reference point for success that they could take away from the residential trips and apply to their lives.


I have had the privilege to work with some outstanding individuals who demonstrate best practice in relationship building, coaching and development activity.  They also have no formal understanding or knowledge of NLP.  It has been through modelling their best practice I have improved my own performance and through coaching also made them more conscious of why what they do works.

It is this improvement that has enabled me challenge and assist some of the children who have troubled backgrounds and lead chaotic home lives.  This alone has made my NLP journey worthwhile and I look forward to sharing this with you at the NLP @ work conference.

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