Martin Talks to Mark Peters about all things Evolution

As you may already know, here at Evolution we recently turned 20, and with this milestone had a major shakeup to the business with a re-brand and a new direction. Last night Martin was interviewed by Mark Peters on Pirate FM’s Business Hub to discuss the changes: what they are, why we made them, and what they mean to our clients – both prospective and current – basically all things Evolution.

Fundamentally, we have taken all of our skills, knowledge, and experience gained over the last 20 years and combined it into 3 key areas:

Interaction Engineering: Working artfully to manage the outcomes of communication and interaction

Procurement Dynamics: Enabling the procurement process to support strategic goals

Navigator: Planning a strategic direction that keeps everyone on board

To hear about these changes in Martin’s own words, you can listen to the interview here:

If you’d like to listen to the whole Business Hub show, you can access it via the Pirate FM Business Hub Page  

As mentioned in the interview, this is not the first time Martin and Mark have met – in fact they recently wrote and published a book together – Evolve or Die . This ‘ultimate self-help book’ is available on Amazon.

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