Become a More Successful Salesperson Using NLP


You work hard to grow your business.

You have created a fantastic product or service unrivalled by your competitors.
You have created something that can truly help people but you are struggling to sell.

Sales can often be seen as pushy, aggressive and perhaps even dishonest – which can make you feel uncomfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable trying to sell to your product, you are unlikely to be successful in selling it.

We understand how it feels to try to sell something you truly believe in when you don’t know how to convince people they need it.
You don’t need to feel this way.
You can be confident in selling your product, we can help you.

If you focus on the challenges your client is facing and offer them the right solution – sales can be a much easier process.

But how do you do this?
How do you build trust?

We can show you how using NLP as part of your sales strategy will help improve your communication skills, build rapport and understand your customer. How to sell more.

After this one day course you will:

  • Understand the history and possibilities of NLP
  • Know how to implement the six-step sales process
  • Be able to build rapport with people so they want to buy from you
  • Use representational systems and meta programmes to understand how people process the world around them
  • Sell people what they really want, rather than what they think they want

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is

Neuro – the way we take information in, process it, and make sense of the world around us

Linguistic – the way we communicate that sense of the world to other people (and to ourselves)

Programming – the effect that communication has on our behaviour, the behaviour of people around us, and therefore the results we get

This one day course will allow you to take your sales skills to the next level, we will teach you practical tools and techniques to dramatically improve your sales performance.

Understanding NLP will help you build enhanced rapport with buyers, gain better insights into their needs making it easier to sell to them.

3 steps to being a successful salesperson

  1. Book your ticket for our one day workshop
  2. Learn how to incorporate NLP skills and techniques into your sales strategy  
  3. Sell more, grow your business and make your clients happy

Past client testimonials

“A thought-provoking insight into how people communicate, rapport building and how it relates to sales in an easy to understand and implement way.”

Ian Hutchinson – Wired Orthodontics

“Good pace, logical approach, easy to understand, practically delivered”
Mike Hutchinson – The  Peloton


Q. I have attended other sales courses – what is different about yours?
A. We teach you how to use cutting-edge applied psychology tools and techniques, giving you that extra edge.

Q.Is there any follow-up support?
A. Yes, you will have the opportunity to tap into one to one coaching after the event to help you transfer and apply your learning

Q Is lunch provided?
A. Yes – please let us know if you have any dietary requirements

What you will learn

A more flexible approach to sales

More effective sales performance

Greater confidence with all customers

Better rapport with existing and potential customers

How to incorporate the core NLP skills and techniques into your repertoire.

Evolution Development

Evolution’s MD and Lead Coach is Martin Crump. Image shows Martin Crump a man in his 50's with a grey goatee. Martin is wearing a suit with blue and white stripey shirt

Following a background in Manufacturing and R&D, Martin Crump has spent over twenty years as a training and development professional working at a strategic level with individuals within organisations throughout the UK.

He taught Management Development at Manchester Metropolitan University and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Master Trainer. Recently, he co-authored ‘’How to Build an Ark’ A guide to project leadership in the 21st century.’ And ‘Evolve or Die. The ultimate self-help book.’ Both these books are available to buy from Amazon.

Martin is committed to facilitating the realisation of the potential of individuals, and through those individuals the potential of organisations they are part of.

Are you ready to become a more successful salesperson? Book your space now. 


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