Alison Rumney’s Story

As part of turning the grand old age of 20 we have been looking back on our journey as a company and as individuals, and thought it would be interesting to hear from some of the people we have worked with on their journeys over this time.

Although some of our courses may just be as short as 1 day – the tools and techniques learnt can certainly be used for a lifetime.

This week we’d like to share Alison Rumney’s story with you.

Alison Rumney's Story
Alison Rumney, Illume Dentistry Ltd

I first met Martin on a business leadership retreat for dentists and their partners in October 2010. Tim, my husband and I had attended a previous retreat and set goals for growing and developing our business and also finding time away from Illume, our practice, for family life and fun. We’d made a start and wanted to do more.
Those few days with Martin were unlike any I had experienced before and whetted my appetite to find out more so I booked a place on the NLP Business Practitioner course that started the following year. I was an ex Modern Foreign Languages teacher and prided myself on my communication skills and emotional intelligence and yet was sure these could be further developed and I had more to learn.
Tim and I had been looking to buy a holiday home in Cornwall for a couple of years with limited success, you could say no success at all, as we had not made a purchase despite several trips to the pointy end to view properties. After working through keys to an achievable outcome with Martin I returned home with greater clarity and within a year the keys to a beautiful barn conversion were in our palms. Our home is just as I envisaged, right down to the wooden floors and shutters and the upside down living and we love spending time there.
I was also using anchors to help with confidence before public speaking and team training and using favoured rep systems to communicate with the team members I led. I loved the course, the preparation and even the homework; my sons declared me a ‘study nerd’ and I wore the title proudly. I was excited about the monthly drive to Holmes Chapel. I was learning so much, I didn’t want the course to end and so when it did I signed up pretty much immediately for Business Master Practitioner the next year. I found this even more valuable and used the values elicitation exercise to enable my elder son to decide what he wanted to do post graduation. He is now a project manager for a large audio visual company and travels all over the world, designing and building conference stands. He loves it.
My role at Illume involves, amongst other things, managing the HR for a team of fourteen and being responsible for client liaison and feedback. I find that knowing the outcome I wish for, using embedded commands, reframing and perceptual positioning all help get me to where I want to be.
My story wouldn’t be unfolding the way it is without meeting and working with Martin and I’m thrilled to be an Evolution alumnus!

Read more about our NLP Business Practitioner Course or get in touch with us if you’d like to talk about how we may be able to help you and your business.


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