About Martin Crump, Evolve Online’s Founder

Image shows Martin Crump a man in his 50's with a grey goatee. Martin is wearing a suit with blue and white stripey shirt

With the launch of the Evolve Online training academy just a couple of weeks away, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about Evolve Online and Evolution Development Martin Crump.

Twenty years’ experience delivering NLP training

Martin has been delivering NLP training and teaching for more than twenty years: through Evolution Development he has provided training to over a thousand people including delegates from BAE Systems, Babcock Marine, the NHS and Rodda’s. Martin has also worked personally with B&Q and Co-Op, delivering corporate training that makes use of the skills he’s learned through NLP. 

What is NLP?

NLP looks at language and behavioural patterns, and how changing these can help us achieve goals through improved rapport building skills, a better understanding of people’s needs and various influencing techniques. The Evolution Development method involves understanding the unique way each of us experiences life, and using that understanding to build a toolkit of techniques to influence the world around us.

Martin draws on his wealth of industry experience to deliver coaching that really works: he has taught Management Development at Manchester Metropolitan University, and co-authored two books: ‘’How to Build an Ark’: A guide to project leadership in the 21st century.’ And ‘Evolve or Die. The ultimate self-help book.’ With a background in R&D and Manufacturing, Martin has seen for himself the value of good communication in the workplace.

Thousands of happy clients

Martin is passionate about NLP training, and enjoys helping people build up their own set of skills to deal with the challenges they meet in their personal and professional lives. After the success of the NLP training he has delivered through Evolution Development, and thousands of happy clients, Martin developed the Evolve Online academy as a way to deliver similar training techniques in a shorter, more accessible format.

The ultimate short course on time management

Many hours of research and planning have gone into putting together the ultimate short course on Time Management, using all of the tools and training of NLP as well as everything he observed working in manufacturing and R&D. It’s designed for anyone who needs to work on their time management (read: almost everyone), from individuals looking to make better use of their time to senior decision-makers managing teams of people.

Find out more about NLP by having a look at the blog, or sign up to the Evolve Online newsletter to be notified when the online academy launches.


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