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How To Build A Cathedral

Martin Crump

By Martin Crump.

Martin is a Director and co-founder of Evolution.  He is a certified NLP Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of working with organisations of all sizes and types across the UK.


We have recently finished a really interesting piece of work with the Diocese of Truro.

The Church of England, like many old established organisations is currently going through a time of massive change.

We have been working with Truro’s Diocesan House to help them plan how they are going to help the Diocese manage this change and continue to thrive in the current climate.


We have so far used a mix of ‘Navigator’ (To develop the Strategy for change), coaching for the Diocesan Secretary, an Employee Survey (to set a benchmark and understand the initial level of employee engagement and a structured Away Day with the whole team to introduce the reason for change and the future approach to meeting the needs of the changing environment.

In the initial strategic sessions we used ‘Navigator’ to look at the current environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs and values and identity of the Diocesan House.

We then moved on to define the purpose of the team.

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ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge Success for Evolution Teams

Eight teams from Evolution took part in the ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge in September and jointly raised £17,387 for ShelterBox.

The teams did extremely well with seven teams completing the challenge and even though one team had to cut the challenge short due to an ankle injury part way through day two, all eight teams crossed the finish line to well deserved applause and cheers from the assembled crowd. Read More

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