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No More Gantt Charts?

By Matthew Theobald.   Matthew is a professional Project Manager who has been working on large scale projects across Europe:



“I had spent some time been looking for ways to simplify projects. As part of this I had developed Project Fractures, which includes a series of 9 key questions to ask any project. The answers to these reduce the risk of project failure.

I tried out some of the NLP tools and techniques I learned on the NLP Business Practitioner course with several project teams.  I was stunned by how much difference it made to the people in the room each time I used them and realised that NLP could really help in all manner of situations.

I began working with Martin Crump on Project Leadership in September 2010 and realised very quickly that it would make a real difference to the success of projects of all types and sizes.

By combining elements of NLP tools and techniques, Martin’s NLP based strategic planning tool, my Project Fractures, with Leadership theories, processes and skills a simple but effective process quickly took shape.

And this is what I will be talking about at the NLP @ Work conference – what the process is, how to apply it in your projects and how this approach means you never need to see another Gantt Chart!”

Watch a short clip of my presentation here:


  For more information, and to book the conference visit: conference

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