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When should you take charge of your own personal development?

At the beginning of our lives, the responsibility for our development belongs with other people. Our parents and our family decide what we should learn and how we should learn it.

Then the Education System joins in and we are led towards knowledge and skills that the wisdom of the time decides that we will need.

The longer we stay in education, through school, college and university, the more we get to choose our own path but we are still within a system; a system that caters for millions each year.

In fact, society largely decides what we should learn and how we should develop and for most of us, focused development stops when our formal education stops.

But at that stage, many of us still have questions that we haven’t yet answered. What do we want to be? Who do we want to be?

And at that point, we move from being educated to having a career. We stop having classmates and start having colleagues. Our classroom is now an office, and often we have no teachers.

Is it any surprise that many of us drift from job to job without a coherent career plan? If we stay in one job, is it a surprise that any training we get or advancements that we make seem to be at the whim of the company?

The problem, the challenge and the opportunity is that we are all unique individuals. NLP helps us to see this, in ourselves and in others. It helps us gain insights about ourselves and use insights into others to build mutually beneficial relationships. NLP helps us to see clearly who we are, where we want to go and how we might get there.

So, when should you take charge of your own personal development?

  •  When you are at a point in your life or in your career, that you have decided that you want to be happy, confident and successful.
  •  When you are ready to decide where you want to be.
  •  When you are ready to look closely at where you are now.

You answer those three questions and we can help you answer the next one, which is: What personal development do I need to get there?

Our NLP Business Practioner courses have helped hundreds of individuals achieve personal and professional goals.

We can help you take charge of your life. Let’s do that now.

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