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How To Avoid Insomnia


By Martin Crump.

Martin is a Director and co-founder of Evolution.  He is a certified NLP Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of working with organisations of all sizes and types across the UK.




Sleep is as important to us as food, water and air.  Although the purpose of sleep is not yet fully understood, the health effects of lack of it seem to suggest that it is important in enabling the body to rest and repair itself.

Different people need differing amounts of sleep to stay healthy and so there are no hard and fast rules about the amount of sleep you need although most adults seem to need 7-8 hours per night.

Are You:

  • Tired during the day?
  • Tired and un-refreshed when you wake up?
  • Waking early and finding it impossible to get back to sleep?
  • Better able to sleep away from home?
  • Suffering from frequent headaches during the day?
  • Irritable and unable to concentrate?
  • Taking longer than 30mins to fall asleep?
  • Waking often in the night?
  • Only able to get to sleep with the help of sleeping tablets or alcohol?

Then you are probably suffering from insomnia.

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