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Coaching EAP: Support for Businesses Dealing With Change

Coaching support for businesses dealing with challenge or change 

In the last few months I’ve spoken to lots of managers who are struggling with how to manage their team in the ‘new normal’ at work. 

After making a quick switch to remote working in March, many businesses saw real benefits from flexible working, and are now making changes to the way they work long-term. It’s great to see businesses making the most of flexible working, but it’s not without its obstacles: managing a team remotely presents new challenges, managers and leaders are adapting to a new way of monitoring progress and productivity, and people at all levels are dealing with changes to their roles and the way they’re carried out.

Enter the Evolution Coaching EAP: a coaching support programme designed for businesses who would like to support their staff through periods of change or challenge.

What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Programme is a support programme offered to employees by an employer. The programme is funded by the employer, and provides guidance and support on wellbeing and mental health, financial issues, and other work and personal issues.

As part of the Evolution Coaching EAP, we provide one-to-one coaching support for anyone in a business who is dealing with challenge or change. It’s completely confidential and allows organisations to support their staff, for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

The Coaching EAP:

  • Ensures a consistency of availability of coaching support
  • Utilises a proven, semi-directive approach to ensure the coaching meets the clients’ needs
  • Is outcome focused
  • Is cost-effective
  • Is totally confidential
  • Is effective

Why coaching?

Coaching is a way for businesses to really support their employees; now more than ever, supporting the wellbeing of staff is essential, rather than optional, and as a result the use of EAPs has increased by 68% percent over the last 10 years. Many teams are now working remotely or flexibly, and this brings in new challenges: working from home can mean fewer opportunities to casually ‘check in’ with staff, and while some employees may thrive in a home-working setting, others may find it presents new challenges.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, coaching can be particularly useful for:

  • Managers finding it challenging to manage teams remotely 
  • Employees struggling financially due to the pandemic
  • Employees struggling with changes to their role
  • Anyone finding working from home difficult or stressful
  • Anyone dealing with change that’s affecting their wellbeing, whether that’s personal or at work

Coaching is a valuable part of a risk and absence management strategy, and can help identify problems staff are dealing with before they become serious.

How does it work?

Our Coaching EAP is a package of support purchased in blocks of hours per month. The purchased hours are then available for the use of anyone in the organisation: employees can self-refer, or staff can be referred by a manager or HR if they feel it would be beneficial. 

“I was referred to Martin following a traumatic event at work.  We had several sessions of online coaching/counselling.  Martin was professional yet approachable and I felt at ease talking about my experience and the effect it had on my work.  Martin listened well and gave me lots of suggestions and strategies to move forward.  He easily picked up at subsequent sessions showing he had listened to and remembered what had gone before.  Virtual sessions worked very well with Martin and would happily recommend his work to others.”

Kerry O’Leary, Plymouth Community Homes

If you’d like to chat to us about the Evolution Coaching EAP for your business, get in touch. We also offer other business support, such as strategic planning with our Navigator sessions, and Resilience and Civility training.

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