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Research into NLP and Diabetes Shows Significant Benefits

By Martin Crump.

Martin is a Director and co-founder of Evolution.  He is a certified NLP Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of working with organisations of all sizes and types across the UK.



I was approached in 2007 by Dr Jeorg Beyer who thought that NLP training of Diabetes Clinicians may have an effect on the health outcomes of their patients.

It was a great opportunity to measure any benefits of NLP influencing techniques as there is a very measureable evaluation of change through blood test.

I trained a number of Diabetes professionals – GPs and Diabetes nurses who applied their NLP skills and knowledge with their patients.

Dr Beyer checked blood test results for a year before the training and compared them to the year following the training with 94 patients.

He concluded that there was a statistically significant chance that the NLP training led to clinical improvements. Read More

NLP Helps Diabetes Sufferers

We carried some research out with Dr Joerg Beyer, a GP from Liverpool to find out if NLP helps diabetes sufferers. We looked into the effect that training GPs and Practice Nurses in NLP would have on Diabetes patients’ health.  Results indicate that training in specific NLP tools and techniques has a beneficial effect. Read More

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