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So What Is NLP Anyway And How Can It Help Me At Work?



By Martin Crump.

Martin is a Director and co-founder of Evolution.  He is a certified NLP Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of working with organisations of all sizes and types across the UK.





NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been around for some time now.

In the past, the tools and techniques of NLP have proved to be extremely effective as therapeutic tools, enabling a large number of people world wide to resolve personal issues and limitations and give them the ability to grow and realise their potential.

Until recently, NLP training was designed and delivered on a therapeutic base and has been successful in training Practitioners who often go on to become therapists.

At Evolution we recognise the huge potential for NLP tools and techniques in the business field and have worked extensively to adapt traditional NLP training into this area, culminating in business focused courses which are accredited by the NCFE.


What is NLP?


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the Art and Science of Personal Excellence.

Art, because the way we each think and act is unique to us, and any description of feelings, attitudes and beliefs is bound to be highly subjective and personal.

Science, because it incorporates well researched methods that can be used to identify the patterns of successful behaviour and develop those patterns in yourself.

Watch a clip of my presentation from the NLP@Work conference here:


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