What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the Art and Science of Personal Excellence.

Art, because the way we each think and act is unique to us, and any description of feelings, attitudes and beliefs is bound to be highly subjective and personal.

Science, because it incorporates well researched methods that can be used to identify the patterns of successful behaviour and develop those patterns in yourself.

It began in the 1970’s with Richard Bandler and John Grinder who studied the methods of three leading psychotherapists who were consistently able to bring about changes in human behaviour (Milton Erickson – hypnotherapist, Virginia Satir – family therapist and Gregory Bateson – anthropologist).

The methods they developed have since been applied in the fields of sport, business, government and personal development – attracting a large and worldwide following.

Definition of NLP

Neuro – The process of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling – the senses we use for inner thought processes as well as experiencing the world

Linguistic – The way we use language to communicate internally and externally to make sense of the process of experiencing the world

Programming – The way we programme our thoughts and hence our behaviour. We do this unconsciously and without control. NLP enables us to choose our programming to create the most effective behaviour in any situation

NLP in a Business Environment

All business success relies heavily on the successful interaction of people. NLP skills can dramatically improve these interactions with a series of tools, techniques and methodologies which can be used effectively in all situations.

For Example

Negotiations become much more effective with improved rapport building skills, better understanding of participant’s needs and influencing techniques.

Presentations become much more effective, enjoyable and understandable to any audience.

More effective meetings and better teamwork also result from improved communication and understanding.

Recruitment and Selection becomes more effective as interviewers become more skilled at rapport building, asking ‘clean’ questions to obtain more accurate and detailed information.

Workplace Stress is becoming a major issue affecting all organisations. Stress is a physiological response to a situation. Individuals perceive situations differently, this perception is what drives their emotional state and behaviour. This is why some people are more affected by situations than others.  We help people change their perception which has a knock on effect to their emotional state and behaviour.

Employees will dramatically improve their ability to learn quickly and effectively. The management of change becomes easier through increased learning, improved communication and the ability to break out of the circle of cause and effect.

Our Approach to NLP Training

We are all unique with our own map of the world. We all have our own way of experiencing life and our own unique way of learning.

Our workshops are designed to exploit all of the senses and learning styles. All our workshops are interactive and mix practical exercises with underpinning theories and concepts. NLP is full of jargon and we ensure that we de-mystify all of the content to ensure that all delegates have a common understanding. We practice what we preach!

We work with clients to adapt our courses to meet their needs exactly by integrating real examples and issues into the training. Our trainers are fully experienced NLP Master Practitioners and Certified NLP Trainers with a vast experience of delivering workshops in a wide variety of areas.

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